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Eastern Suburbs Bridge Club

Judi Holt Park Entrance Via Randall Road Birkdale 4159

David 0413244474 or Lynda 0402065539

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Red Point events


Thursday Morning

Welcome Back                        21st February

April Frolics                               4th April

June Jumps                              6th June

Club Championship                 17 October

Monday Evening

May Madness                            13th May

Mid Winter                   5th August

Remember November             12th November


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Commitee Members

Lynda Wealleans  President

David Fulcher Vice president

Mary Ridgway Secretary

Gary Goebel Treasurer

Lyn Harper Membership

Ann Henderson RMSC representative

Lynda Wealleans Masterpoint Secretary

Dennis Yardley Director

Olwen Yardley Director

Leslye Buchanen Director

Lynda Wealleans Director

Gary Goebel Trainee Director

Tim Freeman Trainee Director

Helen McSweeney Dealer

Kevin McSweeney Dealer

Farzin Meshki  Reports and Records

Michael McMenim Computer Programmer

Jill Ferguson Partnership Arrangement

Robert Ridgway First Aid

Lyn Lobo First Aid

Founding Members

Jan Argent

Ian Argent

Cliff Buddery

Jim Burns

Brian Cummins

Vince Davies

Nicholas Horner

Liz Maquire

Dan Maher

Sheelah Mee

Ann O'Connor

Trevor Strickland

Pat Tory

Darrell Williams

Marion Williams

Claire Wright

Dennis Yardley

Olwen Yardley